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In this Meditation Course, based around the Wheel of the Year and the Four Seasons, you will  learn the foundations to focusing your mind and getting into a meditative state. You will learn  to clear out the negative influences that keep you stuck and distracted and build a daily  meditation routine.

Topics we will cover:

   -sitting postures

  -hand postures

 -how to overcome negative thoughts, anxiety and states of depression

  -how to listen to your intuition

 -tools for meditation

 -how to find and keep balance

  -how to focus the mind in order to enter a meditative state

 -how to build and maintain a daily meditation practice for a healthier life



 Each class will take 1 hour but you will also be assigned to meditate at home.   

Price per class - 10€ 

Price for the whole course - 190€  

Price per month with upfront payment - 24€ ( equivalent of 8€ per class) 

Price for the whole course with upfront payment - 114€ (equivalent of 6€ per class)  



Meditation Course 2020 Calendar  

First Semester 
January - June  
Saint Maurice - France 


Winter/Fire/Look Within/Intuition Work/Cleansing/Shadow Work   
January - New Ideas 

Friday, 10th of January -  Shadow Work and Self Love  
Friday, 17th of January - Imagination and Intuition  
Friday, 24th of January - Point of View 
Break (31st of January) Home Practice - Your Daily Practice (1 minute a day)  
Getting ready for Spring/Earth/Look out into Nature/Visualise the things you want to  
manifest/ Light Work 

February - New Journey 

Friday, 7th of February IMBOLC -
Friday, 14th of February - Aromas   
Friday, 21st of February - Essential Oils 
Break (28th of February) Home Practice - Expanding your daily practice (5 minutes a day)  
March - State of Mind 

Friday, 6th of March - Visualisation 
Friday, 13th of March - Emotional Visualisation 
Spring/Water/What is manifesting/What do you want to continue manifesting and what to  
weed out/ Balance Work 

Friday, 20th of March - SPRING EQUINOX -
Break (27th of March) Home Practice - (10 minutes a day)  
April - Spring Cleaning 

Friday, 3rd of April - Ho'oponopono  
Friday, 10th of April - Chakra Balance 
Friday, 17th of April - Meditation Beads 
Break (24th of  April) Home Practice - (20 minutes a day)  
May - Moving In 

Friday, 1st of May - Chanting   


Go all out/Put your chosen projects into practice/ soak in the solar energy  

Friday, 8th of May BELTANE -
Friday, 15th of May - Focus the Mind  
Friday, 22nd of May - Focus the Mind 
Break (29th of  May) Home Practice (20 minutes twice a day)  
June - Manifesting, Resting, Preparing  

Friday, 5th of  June -Inner Joy  
Friday, 12th of  June - Oness  
​Focus the Mind 
Air/Reap the fruit of your work/feel 

Friday, 19th of  June SUMMER SOLSTICE -
​ ​abundance/prepare for fall ​Inner Peace

End (26th of  June) Home Practice - (continuing the meditation practice)  


  Who is this course for:

   This course is for anyone who is suffering from anxiety, depression, and or mental fatigue.

It is  also for people who have tried to meditate in the past but felt that they couldn't really relax  into it and clear their minds.

It is also for people who already meditate but want to take their  practice to the next level.

This course is for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to  focus their minds in order to achieve better results in life and to live with inner peace.

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